Using the savvy shopper insider is simple. Follow these four simple steps to Savvy Shopping Success.

First up best dressed !
Our sales and offers run for a limited time or until they sell out – whichever comes first so be quick!

 Duh …. read the smallprint !
Some offers are redeemable by using discount codes, others must purchased directly though the savvy shopper website and some you get by having one of those secret handshake thingies. Make sure you read the offer carefully, don’t forget that not all offers last forever (we wish they did), make sure you know what the offer rules are and when the expiry date is!

Check your spam!
Did your weekly update not arrive? Those overzealous spam bots are probably to blame. Check your junk mail and add The Savvy Shopper to your contact list and it should never happen again…ever!

Spread the love !
If you are so impressed with our fantastic sales please recommend us. Were on Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook etc – if your looking to break the ice at a social function why not tell people about the site, you could even just call a stranger out of the phonebook and tell them about the great deals they can get online through us –  the next time your using pub-toilets, be sure to scratch our name on the door under the mark where the coat-hook used to be.

Make tea not war !
We like our savvy shoppers to be polite and respectful, just remember, your an ambassador for savvy shoppers everywhere – just because you got a great discount from a great restaurant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip the waitress !