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“Content” means any data, software, information, images and media materials made available on The Website. This includes the above which may be published by Third Parties.

“We” and “Us” means the Lawful Owner of The Website.

“Reader” means any person using The Website

“Registrant” shall be a person who has registered with The Website to receive communications.

“Member” shall mean any person who has registered with the Website or any person using the website as a guest.

“You”, “Your”, “Yours” are taken to mean the individual user of the Website, an agent, Business or Merchant.

“Fraud” shall mean any attempt to purchase Goods and Services in a manner known to be illegal or in contravention of the terms of use of an issuing bank.

“Personal Details” shall mean any information stored on The Website which may be subject to the Data Protection Act.

“Third Parties” shall mean any person using The Website to publish information who is not a Merchant or authorised agent of The Website.

“Third Party Content” Shall mean any words, images or electronic communication in respect of The Website which are not belonging to a Merchant or The Owner.

“Forum” shall mean any place on the Website by which information can be published, shared or distributed.



Whilst using the Website you agree to the following.

Not to hack into any part of the Website.

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Not to engage in any conduct which is in contradiction to or is in breach of our Membership Terms.


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That in order to satisfy any law or regulation, in the event we feel you are using the site maliciously, or are in breach of our Terms and Conditions, that information may be forwarded to ISP providers, the rights holders in respect of intellectual property or the relevant authorities.

That the Website shall not be responsible for any loss or damages arising from a loss of privacy, data or any damages incurred with respect to membership.

That you will not use the Website in a way deemed to be malicious, fraudulent or likely to put others or their data and details at risk.

That at the sole discretion of the Website and Van Kampen Media Limited , these terms may be changed, altered or amended at any time.

That if bound by law or statute, failure of any specific term to comply with the jurisdictions of The Republic of Ireland will not be taken to negate the any other terms herein contained.

That as a member you will use the Website in a way that;

Does not infringe on the privacy, security or safety of others.

That the Website may change, amend or terminate your Membership for any reason, without explanation, and at any time.

That you will not provide information in a way which is false or misleading to the Website or Users of the Website.

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That all information provided shall be accurate and submitted in good faith.

That liabilities for any damages or loss suffered as a result of using the site shall be at the sole responsibility of the User and upon becoming a Member or using the site as a Guest, all liabilities or damages shall be wavered.

That you acknowledge that by using the Website you agree to be bound by all applicable terms and conditions of the Website, and where The Consumer Protection Act 2007 may  provide or imply warranties or conditions which restrict these Terms and Conditions, that all other Terms and Conditions are to be considered to be valid.

That any party may terminate their membership of the Website at any time and without explanation.

That any data or details entered or provided by your use of the site shall be used solely in good faith and that you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy

That Van Kampen Media Limited and the Website may use your membership information to verify the accuracy of information provided and, should the need arise, to use data provided to contact you in person.



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The Website shall not be held liable for views expressed or representations made by other Users on the Website. Whilst the Website shall make reasonable efforts in respect of editorial control and monitoring of Third Party Content, no views, opinions or statements should be taken as fact or being the official expression or opinion of the Website.

The Website retain the exclusive right in respect of refusing to publish, making amends to, deleting or taking editorial control of, any and all Third Party Content at any time and without explanation.

In the event of damage to a computer, network or other system as a result of information taken or downloaded from the Website, the Website will not be held liable for losses, damages or data damages which may occur.

By posting or publishing Third Party Content you agree the following;

You will do so in good faith and without malice.

That you will display clearly any financial or other interest.

That you will not publish material which may stalk, harass or cause damage in respect of reputation.

That you will not publish material likely to offend, be knowingly untrue, false or likely to cause harm to others.

That you will not post material likely to breach the privacy or data of others.

That by using the Website and in respect of material published by Third Parties, you waive any liabilities in respect of loss, damage, loss of reputation, or emotional distress and that you use the Website entirely at your own risk.



The Website retain the right to alter, amend, remove and vary any or all content contained on the Website. This includes ceasing to operate the Website.

By using the website you agree to these terms and that the no liability can be claimed as a result of changes to any, all or part of the terms and conditions of the Website.

That in the event of changes to published terms and conditions, the Website need not notify the User and cannot be held liable for a failure in respect of changes. By access to the Website, you are bound by it’s terms and conditions.



Voucher codes are provided by third parties and therefore Van Kampen Media and The Savvy Shopper offer no guarantee that the codes are valid.

Van Kampen Media and TheSavvyShopper are not responsible for purchases made through Third party websites and you are advised to read the full terms and conditions of Third party websites before making a purchase.



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