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The website will make reasonable attempts to provide a secure and error free platform, users of the website acknowledge that data is provided as a prerequisite to the effective use of the platform and no system can ever 100% secure.

That Privacy Policy may change from time to time and without prior notice.

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That in order to satisfy any law or regulation, in the event we feel you are using the site maliciously, or are in breach of our Terms and Conditions, that information may be forwarded to ISP providers, rights holders in respect of intellectual property and copyright or any other relevant authority in relation to the protection of the site and its users.

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Not to engage in any conduct which is in contradiction to or is in breach of any Membership Terms.

What information is stored on TheSavvyShopper

Data Protection Rights :

Under the Data Protection Acts 1998 – 2003, you have the right to request in writing any information we have stored about you and, if necessary, you may request that we alter or amend that information.

Written applications may be made to:


Van Kampen Media Limited,



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